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HVAC Ventilation Duct

We are one of the big names that deal in the manufacturing of heavy duty HVAC Ventilation Duct that can be used in air conditioning systems of commercial as well as industrial buildings to deliver processed air within the building.

Rectangular Duct

A rectangular duct, also called as TDF duct, is a type of ductwork that is commonly used in HVAC systems. It is used in the HVAC systems for efficient airflow, easy installation, durability and availability in customized sizes.

Round Duct Pipe

Ducting in an HVAC system can be done using duct pipes, like this round duct pipe. This pipe enables the transfer of air from one point to another, which ensures efficient air distribution throughout a building.

Internal Air Washer

An internal air washer is a type of air conditioning system that cools the air through the evaporation of water. This system is often used in areas with low humidity, as it works best when the air is dry. It requires regular maintenance, including cleaning of its filter pads.

Air Distribution Louver

An air distribution louver finds use in HVAV system for controlling the direction and velocity of air flow. It comes in rectangular shape and is installed in an air duct or on the exterior of a building. Made from metal, it generally has adjustable blades to regulate the air flow.

Volume Control Dampers

A volume control damper controls the flow rate of air through a duct. It is made of metal and consists of blades that can be adjusted as per the requirement. The blade positioning is adjusted manually as per the change in air or temperature pressure.

Bypass Valve

A bypass valve is mainly used for diverting the flow of fluid from one path to another. This kind of valve is used in redirecting or regulating the fluid flow in fluid systems, like water treatment system.

Air Floor Grills

Air floor grills are designed to allow air to flow in and out of a room. These are mainly located on the floor, however can also be installed on walls or ceilings. These are an important component of the HVAC system in many buildings.

Factory Fabricated Duct
AC Duct

Badruddin Alibhai Contractor is a Gujarat, India-based manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of AC Duct channels that are designed and developed by using premium class materials that make them suitable for heavy duty air-conditioning applications.

Air Distribution Louver For Institutional Building

Buy from us air distribution louver for institutional building, which forms an essential part of a HVAC system. This air ventilation louver enables the air to pass through it so that moisture build-up is reduced especially in spaces like bathrooms. 

Kitchen Exhaust Hoods

A kitchen exhaust is a ventilation system installed above a stove to remove smoke, steam, and odours from the air. It consists of a kitchen exhaust hood that is placed over the cooking surface, and a blower that pulls the air and expels it out through a duct system.

Spiral Duct

A spiral duct in the offering is characterized by its spiral shape. It is commonly used in commercial and industrial buildings to distribute air from HVAC system. The interior surface of this durable and easy to install duct is smooth.

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